Clinic services & fees

Saturday Clinic 10 am - 4pm


Women's Health & Hormone Balance
Oncology Support & Symptom Management
Sport Medicine & Injury Recovery

New Client Exam & Treatment 

$125  / 30 min Evaluation  & 50 min Therapy

Follow up Office Visit / Therapy Services:

Acupuncture or Electroacupuncture
$75  / 50 min
(Traditional Acupuncture) Very thin, disposable, filiform acupuncture needles are inserted into carefully selected acupuncture or referring points called "ASHI"  to Relieve Pain, Lower Anxiety, and Promote General Health and Wellbeing.

(Electroacupuncture) Electrodes are connected to penetrate deeper into the tissues to aid recovery and relieve inflammation. Especially effective for Sciatic nerve referred pain (from lowback to hip to thigh down the leg).

Clinical Massage Therapy
NCLMBT #13225
$50 / 25 min.
$85 / 50 min.

*targets problem areas 

Acupressure, Trigger Point, Connective Tissue Massage, Range of Motion & Stretching, Joint Mobility Exercises

MPS Therapy
Dolphin Neurostim
Microcurrent Point Stimulation
$85 / 50 min
Non-needle electroacupunture  is applied to specific trigger points and acupuncture points. MPS Therapy softens scar tissue, inactivates trigger points to restore joint range of motion and normal muscle movement following injury or strain. Sport Connective Tissue Massage and Assisted Stretching may also be applied.

Visa, Mastercard, Debit Card, Cash

Health Savings Account:
You may use your Health Savings Account  (HSA) Debit card. It is recommended your Physician evaluates your condition and writes order for "Acupuncture Evaluation and Treatment" or "Massage Therapy" to prove medical necessity.

This office does not currently accept insurance assignment. Contact your Insurance carrier and ask if your policy has benefits for acupuncture or massage therapy. If so this office will provide you with itemized statement and you may submit your claim directly for reimbursement.  You must have a physician order to submit with your insurance claim. Medicare does not reimburse for acupuncture or massage therapy. The VA does have acupuncture benefits provided by Licensed Acupuncturists who maintain their NCCAOM National diplomat status.

Continuing Education Provider


National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Approved Provider #1304

Japanese Shiatsu for Mat
(32 Approved Contact Hours)
Certified Practitioner Member (AOBTA) American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia

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Current NC Acupuncture License 

Masters of Science Degree Oriental Medicine

in Clinical Practice since 2003

Current NC License in Massage & Bodywork 

in practice since 1997

NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider 

Professional Spa Trainer, Sandy Lane, Barbados, West Indies 

Health Occupations PSAV Educator Palm Beach State College (2007-2012)

Massage Program Instructor / Steiner Education Utah Family of Schools (2005, 2008)

Florida Board of Massage CE Provider (2005-2012)

Associate of Science Degree 

Physical Therapist Assistant (1995)